Sunday, 17 May 2020

Pentecost Day

Pentecost Day

  1. Crowds of jews were in Jerusalem ( to celebrate an ancient jewish festival.
    The feast was called pentecost because it also meant fifty ( days after passover
    The people came from all parts of ( the Roman Empire.
    The people came thought the apostles ( had drunk to much wine.  
    The apostles were filled with (with strength to carry on jesus’ work. 
     The gifts of the Holy spirit filled them (  with strength to carry on with jesus work

Thursday, 23 April 2020

the greedy cat.

One cold day i woke up early and went to the store when i went to a store i saw a little kitty and it was sad and lonely and it had no family so i took him to my house but my grandma didn't let him in cause my grandma hate cat so she said make him go but i said it lonely it have’s no family and then my grandma said fine but she said the cat can stay away from me so then i went to the backyard and put is there and i named it 

Sam and when i was giving is food it was eating after that i gave another food but with cat food and chicken food  but when the chicken came to eat it said no and i was watching it and then i called it greedy cat so after that  just left it to be normal. 

the old house

Now Suzie's moved in--she's only 4--along with her brother, her father and mother, and little Picador. He's their dog. Well, maybe half a dog. He's a Chihuahua, as small as they come.
Suzie's room is in the attic. It's no fun. With a high ceiling, cold
and gloomy,
and shadows that run halfway up the walls. Suzie hides under
the blanket. Picador
too. Come on, he's no guard dog.
Suzie's mom bought her a bear. A teddy bear named Teddy.
He's big and fluffy and Suzie adores him. "I love you so much" she says.
Then she wraps her arms around him, snuggling like a cat ready to purr

while Picador buries himself in all that fur.
The Halloween House's attic may be scary, but Teddy's not.
Around his neck he wears a blue scarf with red polka dots.
On his back paws are black tennis shoes tied with lace
and plenty of knots.
Something is silly about that teddy bear.
He's got a goofy smile from ear to ear.
It's kind of lopsided and sweet, although not quite complete.
He was cheap when Suzie's mom bought him at the Dollar Store.
But his smile is always there.
When scratching and squeaking come from the walls,

Teddy smiles.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Storm Gets A New Family

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The book that I read was about a an dog that had no owner. The dog in the book lived alone. His name was Storm he did not have a family, so the dog felt lonely and hungry then a storm came in and scare Storm away. Storm was running till he found an new owner to look after him.

Thursday, 5 March 2020


K keep people safe.
I i have to be nice to people.
N need to stop eating.
D don’t punch.
N nice to people.
E eating healthy.
S stay safe.
S say kind words.